Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Is Front Page News?

As you may or may not know, I’m Cuban.  My parents were born and raised in Cuba and, like many Hispanic young girls, I had a quinceniera when I turned 15.  I know, it’s unbelievable and adorable.  You can only imagine how my family felt after hearing the news concerning Castro’s resignation.  Personally, I was excited and shocked.  This guy was the dictator for decades that forced my parents and grandparents out of the country.  He survived several assassination attempts and a few grassroots uprisings/revolutions completely unscathed.  All he had to do was put in his two weeks and, “Ta da!” there ends an unprecedented leadership unlike any other in history.  Pretty amazing stuff and, to me, totally newsworthy.

Well, not everyone felt that way.  I barely found the article online and after googling “Castro Resigns,” I had to scroll a little too far down to find an article about it.  Seriously news?  You’re really going to stiff arm Cuba like that?  Unfortunately, there are a lot of reforms associated with Castro’s resignation that make the future for Cuba appear pretty bleak.  Based on several articles I’ve read, it seems like there’s a lot of talk but little to no change.  However, the fact that Castro is no longer the dictator of Cuba is totally news to me. 

The topic of Castro resigning is very personal to me; it concerns my family and I have an invested interested in what is happening in Cuba.  It’s hard to look at the situation from an unbiased angle, but it’s also hard for me to believe this isn’t news worth covering.  This is one of those things that made me think about pitching to media about a client.  You may think you have the most interesting story and your event deserves the most coverage when it really doesn’t.  Castro resigning seems like big humongous news to me, but unfortunately, it’s not to others.  The simple reality of the situation is one that I’ve got to get used to in the PR world.  It made me pretty angry that, what I thought was a historic event, wasn’t on anyone’s front page. 

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